Back in business
Posted by: Clima on 17-02-15, 11:37.18
We are back in business ever since the start of the Warlords of Draenor expansion!

Currently we are at 2/7 Mythic in Highmaul and at 10/10 Normal with 5/10 Heroic in Blackrock Foundry. To be able to join in cutting edge progression again, all we need is an exceptional Paladin healer or a plate tank. Please look at our recruitment page for more information on what we are currently looking for.
Do not fear!
Posted by: Clima on 24-04-12, 21:37.43
Clima is here! And back! For a while already!
Another one bites the dust!
Posted by: Clima on 03-03-11, 22:16.05

Atramedes eating some dust. And some people that made him do it. Nothing special to it really.

Now let's see if we can get three certain elementals to do the same later this week and I'll be a happy person.
Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minions
Posted by: Clima on 28-02-11, 22:33.32

It took us a little too long probably but after killing many, many, many, many, many adds in many, many, many attempts it's finally dead. I would like to thank everybody that has been there for any attempt for their... confidence.

I also would like to thank Blizzard for the RNG that gave us two Mace of Acrid Death on our first kill. Me be happy!
Posted by: Clima on 13-02-11, 21:32.24
So we finally killed our first heroics, Chimaeron on February 8 and Halfus on February 10. It took us some time to get the screenshots up here but here we go:

The video for Chimaeron Heroic is already up at the video page! Go check it out! The Halfus video will follow later on.
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